Wedding Favors with Mason Jars: Creative and Charming Ideas

Mason jar wedding favors are an adorable, affordable, and endlessly versatile choice for couples looking to add a touch of rustic charm to their special day. Known for their functionality and classic appearance, these simple yet elegant jars can be easily personalized to create unforgettable mementos that guests will cherish.

There are countless ways to incorporate mason jars into wedding favors, from filling them with sweet treats or hot cocoa mixes to engraving them with the happy couple’s names and wedding date. While some couples choose to purchase pre-filled mason jars, there’s also the option of DIY-ing these favors, allowing for a truly unique and meaningful touch.

Mason jar favors can be customized to suit any wedding theme or color scheme, making them a popular choice for various wedding styles. Whether opting for engraved jars or petite floral-adorned designs, these charming souvenirs are sure to delight guests and serve as lasting reminders of the couple’s heartfelt appreciation.

Why Mason Jars for Wedding Favors

Mason jars have become a popular choice for wedding favors in recent years. This trend can be attributed to their versatility, affordability, and personalization options. Let’s explore these reasons further:


Mason jars are remarkably versatile and can be used to hold various items for wedding favors. They can be filled with sweets, homemade jam, or even as containers for candles. Additionally, mason jars work well with different wedding themes, from rustic barn weddings to elegant affairs. Their simple and timeless design makes them easily adaptable to suit various preferences and decor styles.


One of the main advantages of mason jars as wedding favors is their affordability. Mason jars are readily available at bulk purchasing rates, making them a cost-effective option for couples looking to stay within their budget.

When purchased in large quantities, mason jars can be much more affordable than other types of wedding favors, ensuring that the couple can provide memorable gifts for their guests without breaking the bank.


Mason jars offer plenty of opportunities for personalization. Couples can customize the jars with etched or printed designs, monograms, or even their wedding date. This allows couples to add their own unique touch to the wedding favors and create a connection between the memento and the special day.

Personalized tags, ribbons, or stickers can also be added to the jars, enhancing their presentation and making them even more special for guests.

In summary, mason jars make excellent wedding favors due to their versatility, affordability, and personalization options. They are a practical and charming choice that can be customized to suit the unique preferences and styles of couples celebrating their big day.

Mason Jar Favor Ideas

Mason jars have become a popular choice for wedding favors. Their versatility and rustic charm make them an excellent addition to any wedding theme. In this section, we will explore three sub-categories of mason jar favor ideas: food-based favors, candle favors, and herbs and spices favors.

Food-Based Favors

One of the simplest and most delightful ways to create memorable wedding favors is to fill mason jars with tasty treats. Here are some creative ideas for food-based mason jar wedding favors:

  • Cookie Mixes: Fill mini mason jars with layers of cookie mix ingredients, such as flour, sugar, and chocolate chips. Attach a tag with the recipe and baking instructions to provide guests with a delicious DIY baking experience.
  • Candy: Mini candy jars can be filled with a variety of sweet treats, ranging from chocolate-covered almonds to colorful jelly beans. Personalize the jars with ribbons, tags, or stickers featuring the couple’s names and wedding date.
  • Honey Jars: Source local honey and fill small mason jars for an eco-friendly and sweet treat that your guests will love. Label the jars with a customized design that includes the couple’s names, wedding date, and a cute bee or honeycomb graphic.

Candle Favors

Mason jar candles are a romantic and practical choice for wedding favors. Transform mason jars into cozy, scented candles with these ideas:

  • Soy Wax Candles: Create homemade candles using soy wax, essential oils for fragrance, and cotton wicks. Personalize with the couple’s initials, wedding date, or a special message.
  • Votive Candle Holders: Place small votive candles inside mini mason jars for a charming candlelit effect. Add ribbons, lace, or twine to match the wedding theme.

Herbs and Spices Favors

Mason jars can also be filled with aromatic herbs and spices, creating unique wedding favors that are both useful and delightful. Consider these options:

  • Herb Garden Kits: Provide guests with the materials to grow their own mini herb garden. Fill small mason jars with potting soil, seeds, and a customized label detailing the care instructions for the herbs.
  • Magnetic Spice Jars: Transform mason jars into magnetic spice jars to hold a variety of herbs and spices. Attach a magnet to the bottom of each jar and include instructions for guests to create their own magnetic spice rack at home.

With these creative mason jar favor ideas, your wedding guests will leave with a memorable and enjoyable keepsake that they can cherish long after the celebration comes to an end.

Personalizing Your Mason Jar Favors

Personalizing your mason jar favors adds a thoughtful touch to your wedding gifts. There are numerous ways to add warmth and meaning to these unique favors. Here are some ideas that can be customized to suit your style and wedding theme.

Labels and Stickers

Using labels and stickers is an effective way to personalize your mason jar favors. You can either buy them ready-made, or use a customized template to print your own stickers. Use your wedding colors on the stickers to ensure the favors blend seamlessly with your wedding theme.

You may include your names, the wedding date, a thank you message, or even a catchy quote depicting your love story. With stickers, you can also add a beautiful touch to the lids of the jars.

Lace and Fabric Decorations

Lace adds a delicate and romantic touch to mason jar wedding favors. By wrapping the jars in lace, you can elevate their overall look and feel. Lace works well with rustic or vintage-themed weddings, however, it also suits other themes if chosen well. You can choose between white, cream, or colored lace bands to tie around the jars, and complement the lace with a beautiful ribbon or twine in your wedding colors.

For a more casual or bohemian touch, opt for fabric decorations. Fabric bands can be made of cheerful printed or solid fabric in your wedding colors. This adds a fun and relaxed aesthetic to your favors, perfect for outdoor, barn, or countryside weddings.

Customized Lids

Lids play an important role in the look of mason jar favors. There are various options available to suit your preferences:

  • Regular Lids: These lids are the classic and most common choice for mason jar favors. You can add personalized stickers or labels on top of the lids to match your wedding theme.
  • Black Lids: Black lids add a chic and modern touch to your jar favors. They can be paired with a customized label or a simple ribbon, making them suitable for any wedding style or theme.
  • Custom Engraved Lids: For a more personalized touch, you can opt for custom engraved lids. Have your names, wedding date, or a unique design etched onto the lids for a distinctive and meaningful touch.

Remember to consider your wedding theme, colors, and personal style when choosing how to personalize your mason jar favors. These thoughtfully crafted details will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your wedding day even more memorable.

Where to Buy and DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Shopping on Etsy and Amazon

Mason jar wedding favors are popular due to their versatility and charm. If you’re unsure where to purchase these unique items, consider shopping on Etsy and Amazon.

Etsy offers a wide selection of customizable, personalized mason jars and mini glass favor jars, such as personalized candles and hot chocolate mix jars. You can browse through numerous designs and options at various price ranges to find the perfect fit for your wedding theme and budget.

Amazon, another popular online marketplace, is a great option for those looking for mini mason jars in bulk. Additionally, Amazon offers a wide variety of glass jars and accessories, such as personalized tags, custom labels, and more, allowing you to create your own mason jar wedding favors.

Create Your Own Unique Favors

If you prefer a more hands-on approach and want to create your own unique mason jar wedding favors, there are plenty of DIY options.

First, select the size and style of mason jars you’d like to use. Mini mason jars are perfect for small gifts or treats, while larger jars are ideal for more elaborate favors, such as candles or succulents.

Next, consider adding personal touches. You can use custom labels, ribbons, or tags to add your names, wedding date, and any special messages or quotes.

When it comes to filling your mason jars, the options are endless. Consider using treats such as homemade cookies, candies, or popcorn. Alternatively, you can fill jars with bath salts, scented candles, or small plants for a more unique and memorable wedding favor.

Remember, creating DIY mason jar wedding favors can be a fun and cost-effective way to add a personal touch to your big day. With a bit of creativity, you can craft wedding favors your guests will cherish for years to come.

Mason Jars for Other Occasions

Mason jars are not just limited to weddings. These versatile jars have many other uses, making them ideal for different occasions and purposes.

Baby Showers

At baby showers, mason jars can serve as unique and useful shower favors. Fill them with small items like candies, soaps, or bath salts in theme colors for an adorable takeaway gift. You can also use sample-sized mason jars as containers for a fun baby food tasting game at the baby shower.

Kitchen Organization

Mason jars are a great tool for organized and stylish storage in your kitchen. They can be used to store dry goods such as pasta, rice, and beans, as well as small kitchen essentials like baking soda and salt.

Additionally, they make an attractive and functional display for kitchen items like wine corks or matches. To level up the organization, you can create labels for the jars or even write directly on the glass with a chalk marker.

  • Rice and pasta storage
  • Spices and baking essentials
  • Decorative displays (wine corks, matches)

Creative Gift Ideas

Thinking of a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one? Mason jars are an affordable yet flexible option. Fill them with colorful layers of dry ingredients for a soup or cookie mix, or create a themed gift jar with items related to self-care or a hobby.

Examples include a mini spa day jar filled with mini bath bombs and essential oil samples, or a sewing essentials jar with threads, needles, and scissors. The possibilities are endless, and you can customize the gift jar according to the recipient’s interests and preferences.

Gift Jar IdeaItems to Include
Mini Spa DayMini bath bombs, essential oil samples, face mask
Sewing EssentialsThreads, needles, scissors, buttons
Movie NightPopcorn kernels, seasoning, candy, small gift card for a streaming service

Choosing the Right Mason Jar Size

When planning your wedding favors, it’s essential to select the appropriate mason jar size to accommodate your intended content and create an attractive souvenir. In this section, we’ll discuss two popular mason jar sizes – mini mason jars and standard-size mason jars.

Mini Mason Jars

Mini mason jars are ideal for small, yet thoughtful wedding favors. They can hold a variety of items, from candies and chocolates to your choice of homemade goodies. A popular option is to use mini honey jars, which can be sourced from local honey producers or crafted at home. Just make sure to include an airtight lid to maintain the quality of the honey.

Mini mason jars are typically more affordable and easier to transport, offering an attractive option for budget-conscious couples. Furthermore, they create delightful memories of your special day without consuming much space in your guests’ homes.

Standard-size Mason Jars

Standard-size mason jars are suitable for larger wedding favors, such as personalized drinking glasses, flower vases, or containers filled with homemade goods. They can also serve a dual purpose, acting as both a favor and a practical item to use during the reception.

When opting for standard-size mason jars, it’s crucial to consider the amount of space they’ll occupy on tables or in guests’ bags. Make sure the jars aren’t too cumbersome, and their contents warrant the larger size. An airtight lid is a recommended addition for jars containing perishable items, such as cookies or preserves, to ensure freshness and quality.

Ultimately, the key to choosing the right mason jar size for your wedding favors lies in your creativity, personal preferences, and budget constraints. Remember to pay attention to detail and maintain a consistent theme with the rest of your wedding decorations for an unforgettable experience.

Incorporating Mason Jars into Your Wedding Theme

Mason jars are versatile and charming additions to any wedding theme. This section will provide inspiration on incorporating these charming elements into various aspects of your big day, including seasonal wedding themes, color schemes and decor, and centerpieces.

Seasonal Wedding Themes

Mason jars effortlessly blend with the rich colors and natural elements of a fall wedding. Fill mason jars with seasonal flowers like sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and dahlias, or even small branches with colorful foliage. Accent the jars with burlap, twine, or ribbon in autumnal colors, and pair them with other rustic decorations like pinecones and pumpkins.

For a winter wedding, use mason jars filled with evergreen sprigs or holly berries as table centerpieces. You can also create a warm ambiance by filling the jars with fairy lights or candles. To serve a warm treat, consider offering apple cider or hot chocolate in mason jars, partnered with a display of donuts for a cozy and delicious touch.

Color Scheme and Decor

When it comes to incorporating mason jars into your wedding color scheme, they can easily be customized to match any palette. You can paint the jars in the hues of your chosen color scheme, wrap them with ribbon or lace, or fill them with dyed water to create a colorful and unique decoration.

Place the jars throughout your reception area or use them to line your ceremony aisle for a cohesive and visually striking touch.

Mason Jar Centerpieces and More

Beyond their usefulness as centerpieces, mason jars can also be employed in various other aspects of your wedding decor. Here are some additional ideas for using mason jars at your wedding reception:

  • Use them as vases for table numbers by attaching a small card or tag with the table number to the jar.
  • Create a DIY photobooth backdrop by hanging mason jars filled with LED lights from a frame or tree branch.
  • Design personalized mason jar favors for your guests by filling them with candy, candles or other treats.
  • Cluster mason jars filled with flowers, sand, or pebbles alongside larger centerpieces for added visual interest.

With their countless applications, mason jars can easily enhance any wedding theme and bring a touch of rustic charm to your special day.

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